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Civil War Aeronautics Recommended Reading List

Lincoln's Flying Spies by Gail Jarrow

The Eagle Aloft

by Tom Crouch

War of the Aeronauts

by Charles Evans

Military Ballooning During The Early Civil War

by F. Stansbury Haydon

Thaddeus Lowe: Uncle Sam's First Airman

by Lydel Sims

Thaddeus Lowe: America's One Man Air Corps

by Mary Hoehling

The Balloonist

by Stephen Poleskie

Memoirs of Thaddeus S.C. Lowe

by Thaddeus Lowe

The Air Arm of The Confederacy

by Joseph J. Cornish III

Falling Upwards

by Richard Holmes

With Brass And Gas

by Munson Baldwin

Above The Civil War

by Eugene Block

While the Balloon Corps only gets a sentence or a paragraph in books one usually reads about the Civil War - because those books are about specific personalities or battles - many are surprised to learn about these books dedicated to Civil War Aeronautics:

Fiction for younger readers:

Above The Fray -

Part Two

by Kris Jackson

Above The Fray -

Part One

by Kris Jackson

Adventure On The Wind

by Joan Piccard

How To Build & Fly

Hot Air and Hydrogen


by John Wise

Runaway Balloon

The Last Flight of Confederate Air Force One

by Burke Davis

High Spy

by Robert Edmond Alter

The Young Balloonist

by Esther M. Douty